Who I Am

Hi, my name is Marianne Worley and I’m a marketing content writer and editor based in Las Vegas. I passionately believe that relevant, engaging content is the key to connecting with your audience.

During my 17+ years in corporate marketing communications, I’ve worked at some great companies and promoted a lot of products—from high-tech to low-tech to no-tech.

Here are a few personal details that will help you get to know me. I have:

  • A super-cool French Bulldog named Tony
  • An MBA (achieved while working full-time and getting very little sleep)
  • A passion for reading (my Kindle has saved my over-stuffed bookshelves)
  • An addiction to reality cooking shows (even though I don’t cook)
  • A flair for home improvement and a compulsion for buying shiny new power tools
  • A laid-back, West-Coast mindset with a fast-paced, East-Coast approach to business

Oh, and I can recite the names of all the US presidents—in order. (Pretty impressive, right?)

For more details on my professional background, check out my LinkedIn profile or take a look at my resume by clicking the icons under my photo.

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