What Infomercials Can Teach Us About Marketing

What Infomercials Can Teach Us About Marketing

“Looks like denim…but feels like PJs.”

That’s the unique selling proposition of one of the newest infomercial product sensations–Pajama Jeans.

Why do so many of us want these jeans? Excellent marketing.

Direct marketers have always possessed keen insights into what will drive a customer to make a purchase.

Here are 6 things we can learn from the direct marketing techniques of our favorite infomercials:

1. Focus on benefits: Too often, organizations primarily emphasize their own excellence, rather than how they can help their customers. The benefits of Pajama Jeans are simple and direct–style, comfort, and value. That’s exactly what their target customers want and need.

2. Show and tell: Demonstrations sell. So do testimonials and case studies. Recommendations are the #1 driver of consumer purchases. Your customers want to “experience” your product before they buy.

3. Start with the challenges: The products sold through infomercials are almost always brand new inventions, conceived by individuals or small groups, and then marketed by experts. The inventor sees a challenge and creates a product to overcome that challenge. Many companies start with the product and don’t consider the customer until it’s time to start selling.

4. Make the call to action irresistible: The call to action is the most exciting part of the infomercial. You can’t wait to hear the offer. (With Pajama Jeans you get a free t-shirt, that’s yours to keep!) You can’t just place your URL and phone number on your marketing piece and call it a day. You must tell your customer exactly what to do and why they should do it now.

5. Be extraordinarily creative: Infomercial brainstorming sessions must be lively. Direct marketers think of every possible use of the product, even the ones that seem totally crazy. (Have you ever wanted to exercise in your jeans? Now you can!) You can find new customers and enter new markets just by thinking creatively.

6. Let the data drive your choices: Direct marketers are data junkies. They test. They gather information. They track with precision. As a result, they can predict what will trigger a purchase, and when it will happen.

Although infomercial marketing can seem overly aggressive, the core techniques can teach us a lot about what works, and what doesn’t.

If you’re curious about the Pajama Jeans infomercial, check it out. It’s an entertaining 2 minutes.